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Currently there are fan pages, general and information links available from this page.

Fan Pages

Willie Thorne Fan Club
The Willie Thorne Fan Club, with other snooker content thrown in as well.


SnookerLoopy the world’s first page with snookerclips, poolclips and Jimmy White clips.

SnookerNet contains up to date information, advice, a shop and a club serach engine, good content.

Wheels In Motion
A great looking site by the Wheels In Motion team with news, player profiles and a live scoreboard.

A site with a very fresh look, and with a great deal of content. Stephen Hendry’s favourite site.


Cues Cuecases
A site dealing in cues and cuecases, with a very wide range of that type of equipment available.

Tamar Snooker
Tamar Snooker has a wide range of cues, balls, and much more with online ordering.


World Snooker
The official World Snooker site is a good place to go for the definitive rules as used for ranking events.