Women In The majors?

A question from Caroline Dodds – “Can women play in senior professional snooker tournaments? I know they DON’T but are they permitted to do so if they’re good enough?”

The above question was recieved, and the response given was that women were not allowed to play alongside men, as in the case of some other sports. However, many apologies, this was completely wrong as was pointed out by Sarah Lucy of the WPBSA. she writes:

Having read your reponse to the question regarding women playing in on the main tour, I am rather disappointed with the advice given.

There are no rules stating that women can not play in professional tournaments.

For your information ladies have been playing snooker against men in professional tournaments for a number of years. Alison Fisher, whilst playing on the main tour beat various top players, Kelly Fisher and Karen Corr have both played as professionals, as the game is currently structured.

Unfortunately there are at present no women competing as professionals, however Kelly Fisher did enter the qualifying tournament for this years Embassy World Championship.

If you require any further information about women in snooker, I’m sure Kath at the WLBSA (address supplied) will be only to happy to assist you.

Kind Regards

Sarah Lucy
EASB Co-ordinator

Many appoligies once again for that inacurate information, and thanks to Sarah Lucy for pointing it out.