Right Eye Dominace

A question from Roger Farebrother – “I’m right eye dominant. I cue over my right eye and as far as I’m concerned the cue is in a dead straight line as I look at the shot whilst down over the cue. However, I’m told that I’m hitting across the white ball and that my aiming is completely off. I also know that apart from being right eye dominant there’s nothing wrong with my eye sight. Should I change anything?”

Well, if you ask a few people and they all say the same thing – that you are constantly hitting the ball in the wrong direction every time, and in the same direction, then you do have a slight problem. You can also check this by seeing if your shots tend to be undercut or overcut, when you miss.

The only thing that can then be done is to actually miss the ball as you see it – if you are cueing slightly to the right and you think that you are cueing straight then cue to what you think is the left. It will take a little time to get right, it will feel strange and your game may get worse before it improves but this will tackle the problem. In time you will get used to cueing in what you think is not a straight line.

This solution would also be good for people who either constantly ‘undercut’ (hit the ball too straight), or ‘overcut’ (put too much angle on the shot). In this case see which way you are going and compensate by aiming as you would normally, before making alterations. Once your game improves and the balls start to pot, it will not feel strange.