Mental Attitude

Really this is the second most important that can be given, I think. It concerns the mental attitude of a player during a match. Snooker is a very hard sport and as such requires great concentration, and a lot of thought has to go into every shot. It is quite obvious that during match play you should stay calm and relaxed, and not let the game get to you. However, the truth for some people is quite different. Examples of why people let their game fall about due to the fact that they are not thinking properly are :

1. Bad Luck
2. Opponents good luck (and flukes)
3. Other player’s bad sportsmanship
4. Bad play from you, the player

You have no control over what goes on with the first three, but you can on the fourth. You have to try and ignore the first three points if they occurr, and get on with the game. As you go to take a shot, don’t be thinking ‘I’ll probably miss this’, ‘the other player is bound to win’ ‘I bet the cueball will go in’, ‘the other player is having such a lucky game’ etc. Instead, you should think ‘the ball WILL go down the hole, ‘good position WILL be obtained’, ‘I WILL beat my opponent’ and ‘I WILL enjoy the game and stay relaxed at all times’.

People fall into a trap with their mentality, they get behind and get frustrated, which as we know makes them play worse, so they get more frustrated and play worse again. So it goes on. A very important lesson to be learnt here – keep your head.